“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.”

-Nelson Mandela

Indeed, the small efforts that we make to ensure the betterment of the children decide the future of our world. Our responsibility is to make the world a better place for the next generation and shower them with all the love and care they deserve. Unfortunately, there are millions of children across the globe who are deprived of the basic necessities of life. The war-torn Middle East for instance witnesses the plight of several orphaned children who bear the brunt of violence. Poverty deprivation, and child labor all degrade the quality of living of the little ones and ruin their prospects of a bright future. Amidst this situation, we must take the initiative to help such children and make their lives easier. Instead of pushing them away into oblivion, we must shoulder the responsibility of bettering their situation. As the saying goes-Many drops make an ocean, our collective efforts can create a huge difference and eradicate the dark clouds of hurdles and hardships to show them the silver lining. We at Fansheep, a toy manufacturing company, attempt to make little gestures aiming at the betterment of the future generation.

Significance of Extending Financial Support

I personally believe that empathy is the key to these issues. As privileged and responsible citizens we can usher in a series of changes into the lives of destitute children or the underprivileged ones. There is a wide array of ways to help these children attain a better childhood, such as:

1. The first step is becoming aware of the atrocities faced by the little ones around the globe and volunteering to help them

We can take the small step of ensuring the betterment of any impoverished child in your locality and tutor him, help him with his school work, provide financial aid to fund his education, join any local group to help poor children from slums and be an active member to create a difference.

2. Donations and financial support play a huge role in helping schools and institutions as they can take active steps in funding the education of underprivileged children.

Many institutions have the provision of emphasizing inclusive education and thus these schools admit students of diverse economic strata and shoulder their responsibilities. If we take the initiative of helping these schools in this noble mission, they can broaden the scope of their endeavor and reach out to more and more kids.

3. Apart from donating money, we can make the gesture of giving out clothes, toys, school supplies, books, etc so that these children may attain the basic amenities of living.

Often, we hoard our old stuff and finally throw them away instead donating them to the needy would bring smiles on the faces of these unfortunate children.

4. In the digital era we can create awareness and raise a campaign online to gather as much help as possible to spread the cause and form a charity group to reach out to the local orphanages and help such children.

We can sponsor the education of any child and if each individual starts shouldering this noble responsibility, we can battle this issue and better the lives of more and more underprivileged children.

Role of Fansheep in Aiding Society

We, at Fansheep, had taken a similar initiative to help out children in the Middle East who encounter numerous socio-political problems and these rob them of their childhood innocence. The political conflicts, wars, and violence have taken away the home and shelter of countless children. The religious and social conflicts also deprive several children especially female children of basic privileges. In such a situation we collaborated with a charity school in Dubai that helps impoverished children and educate them. Our little gesture of financially aiding the school aims to help those children break free from the shackles of obstacles posed by their socio-political conditions.

Fansheep run by a group of parents who have a deep grasp of their children's welfare operates this children's toy manufacturing firm. We prioritize the safety and well-being of the children while producing our toys and other items since, as parents, we are well aware of the challenges that come with this duty and do all in our power to ensure their safety and security. For instance, a lot of businesses employ dangerous chemicals to make these toys. To ensure that no product puts children's lives at risk, we closely abide by the guideline that it must be designed in a safe manner.

At Fansheep, we manufacture goods that are based on the iconic children's cartoon Shaun the Sheep and we resort to the use of high-quality materials that are both safe for young children and built with their growth in mind. We specialize in a plethora of products ranging from luggage to entertaining gadgets to staples like backpacks and bowls. Most importantly, we design every item with the intention of pleasing the young ones. We also emphasize developing vital characteristics such as creativity and creative tendencies. For instance, we instill inquisitiveness in the little ones and boost their passion for technology at a tender age through our premier product smart LCD Writing Tablets to encourage creativity and allow them to freely write and doodle on them. The electronic tablet facilitates the toddler's first forays into the technological world while keeping the process safe for us parents.

Fansheep’s collaboration with PEA

We are a family-owned company, and we deeply understand the significance of ensuring the safety and well-being of children. We not only manufacture non-toxic and BPA-free products but also keep in mind making the process of manufacturing ecologically safe. Our empathy and compassion towards children have inculcated in us the necessity to reach out to children in need and build a better future for them. As a result, we decided to work in unison with Pakistan Education Academy (PEA)to weave new prospects for the lives of the lesser fortunate younger ones. This academic institution is a leading name in the field of education in Dubai and it plays a pivotal role in nurturing the children and also focuses on their holistic development.

Our humble donations to PEA aim to develop an educational atmosphere for all underprivileged students who are encouraged to develop into curious, forward-thinking young adults capable of actively participating in betterment of the society and upholding their cultures. This institution immensely prioritizes character building and instilling in the students the importance of morality and the feeling of inclusion. The inclusion of students of diverse social, cultural, and financial backgrounds enables students to develop sensitivity towards people of varied social classes. PEA shoulders the noble responsibility of aiding the educational endeavors of students of financially backward families. We at Fansheep, aimed at sharing this responsibility through our humble donations to enable such students to pursue their academic dreams.

This academic institution has the cutting-edge infrastructure and offers students first-rate amenities ranging from technological innovation to a well-equipped library, academic exposure, and training. The diverse faculty panel enlightens students' minds and prepares them for the real world. Since a student's academic achievement also depends on his overall well-being in addition to their physical health, PEA also provides the children access to medical specialists to guarantee their safety and protection because they spend approximately half of their waking hours at school. The medical supervision of trained professionals further ensures the well-being of the students. Thus, PEA treads the path of ensuring the overall development and well-being of the students and their inclusive principle establishes the feeling of equality and brotherhood amongst them. In this journey of PEA, we attempted to be a part of their career-building process by financially assisting the school in continuing its outstanding job for the benefit of impoverished students. Irrespective of the topsy-turvy economic situation in today’s global arena, we at Fansheep prioritize the education and growth of children and indulge in this charitable endeavor to extend a helping hand to those in need of assistance. We intend to continue this venture and expand our donations so that we can reach out to more and more students globally and consolidate their future.

Parting Thought

We are not just a business organization with the sole purpose of profit generation, instead, we aim to perform our service to humanity. Being parents, we are empathetic towards the cause of children’s betterment and aim to globally eradicate the hardships and challenges that hinder the growth of the kids. While on the one hand with our products and toys, we ensure the entertainment of the children and ensure their mental growth, on the other hand, our charitable missions are solely dedicated to improving the conditions of the lesser privileged children across the world. We sincerely believe that such gestures on our behalf teamed with the assistance of others in society would surely weave a better future for the children and ensure a promising life for them. It is indeed our responsibility to deliver them from the obstacles and pave a path of success for them.